This website covers quite a few subjects. Though the majority have to do with various areas of computer sciences, the subjects cover many applications, as well as types of development.

   My beginnings were within the Windows world. Now, it is rare for me to do anything in a Windows system. Life is now lived in Penquinland... The world of Linux has provided many advantages for open source development.

   Being an Artist first, it was fitting that my break into the world of coding efforts was with an open-source graphics program, The GIMP's early Win32 ports... Along with hundreds of others, helping to debug the newly Win32 ported versions. Then on to messing around with a few alternative shell's for the Win32 platform, mainly LiteStep. Studies in Web-Dev were always seen to as well.

   Though systems have changed, as well as those apps that I'd worked with, and on, growing mature... my site remains much the same... though more creatively coded...

   Open-Source and personal projects that I've undertaken over the years, as well as those currently...
  • Linux operating systems
  • Open-Source alternatives to commercial graphics applications
  • Personal graphics and artworks, both 'analog' and 'digital'

Just A Few Words...

   This website uses CSS that Internet Exploder can not render correctly. Beings I do not (will not) use IE, I do not design web applications to be viewed using IE. The only way to properly view these pages would be to use a modern browser, with proper CSS support, such as the Firefox, SeaMonkey, or Opera browsers.

   There are also nice choices in Chromium based browsers, such as Iron, and then there are a few Web-Kit based browsers, such as Arora (QtWebKit port)... Anything but IE.

   The coding within this website is highly experimental. There are some entries within this site that will render differently in different browsers... ( ...or not at all, in browsers that are of obsolete/old versions, as an old IE install from a 1999 Win98 PC found in the garage, or basement...) I've tried to include a few hacks to resolve such issues, though such hacks can only help so much. Yes, web development has been a personal interest. It would have been easy enough to design a theme for a PHP/MySQL CMS to build this site on, though I enjoy dealing with the site's content more directly... It's raw HTML and CSS. As for the loading time of these pages...

   This site is intense with the amount of it's graphics content. If you are using a slow connection, loading time will be slow in some portions of this website.


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